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Lo más triste de las despedidas es que da igual cuánto queramos retrasarlas, es el final no escrito de la vida. Y más vale aceptarlo, más vale hacerse a la idea desde el principio de la novela. Lo más triste de las despedidas es cuando decides llevar tú la iniciativa, cuando te das cuenta de que la nostalgia sólo pesa mientras la cargues sobre tu espalda.
Porque lo efímero es vivir de ilusiones, la ilusión de que esa cosa se va a volver a producir. Que no hay nada que te deje con ganas para siempre, y que solo te quede el recuerdo.

Fin. Mayo de 2012.

Swamp song

/ 14 de junio de 2011 /
Los amigos son como las gafas, te hacen parecer inteligente pero se rayan enseguida y no veas si cansan. Afortunadamente a veces uno encuentra esas gafas que molan. 

For the longest time, I was scared to let go because I felt like it would mean that I had given up or that I was too weak to accomplish my goals. I’m finally realizing that it is completely the opposite; by letting go, I have taken control of my life, and my happiness is no longer determined by the actions of another human being. There is a whole life ahead of me, and I’m not wasting it on someone who doesn’t care about me.

Swamp Song

What will happen now?
How much does he like me?
Will this end what's between us?
Wow, there's so many things I still don't know about him.
Will he hurt me?
Will he say things that makes me cry?
If I stay now, will he take me in his arms if I get sad?
If I go now, will he call me tomorrow?
Gosh, WHY do I have to be so emotional?
Does he think I'm too sensitive?
Is this about what he said about things going so fast?
Wait - it was "so fast", not "too fast", right? Damn. I can't remember.
What does he want me to say when he tells me that?
But if he meant it in a bad way, why would he also tell me he doesn't want to be with anyone else?
I hope that part wont change now when we argue.
Is he as scared of all those feelings as I am?
I wish I was a mindreader.
What was we even arguing about?
Oh, I remember. Are we really having an argue about that?
Well, I guess this learns us that both are really stubborn.
I don't want him over there. I want him to be closer.
Will he reject me if I ask for a kiss instead of talking about whatever we think different about?

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